About Us:

I have been building pedals for over 20 years. I cannot stress to you enough how much love and care we put into the building of each pedal born in my small shop. Be assured that the pedal you receive will carefully constructed and tested just like I'm building one for my very own! All of my hand built products from pedals to wiring harnesses are treated the same way. This is something I love to do! No unworthy stompbox will ever leave my shop!

My guarantee to you:

Lifetime warranties are naturally unrealistic, however I will stand by my pedals for a period of 90 days from date of receipt. If you drop your pedal from a 3 story building, run over it with your tour bus, accidentally hook it up to 110 volts, or a positive tip power supply, etc, etc... you are out of luck! If however your pedal dies a natural death within 90 days of sale, return to me and I will repair or replace it fast, my choice. You pay shipping to me, I pay return shipping! This guarantee does not apply to cosmetic problems such as droping your pedal and getting a "ding" in it, it applies to only electronic failure!

And finally:

We run a small shop (about the right size for a 5 year old!) The products are not spit out of the great machinery at a rate of 50 pedals per hour! Many hours of labor and care go into every single pedal built. These are like my children... And I love all of my children! Well there you have it! Again... check out the videos and hear for yourself!

Our Guarantee Includes:

Only natural death of a product. Does not include failure due to negligence, hooking up to an incorrect power supply, misuse, water damage, wear and tear on pots or switiches. Also cosmetic failures are not included. If something goes wrong NOT due to these descrptions, contact us letting us know the problem, then return to us well padded and insured. (priority mail is best and cheapest method!) If we find the problem is not due to the above descriptions then we will repair or replace. We are not responsible for your return shipping, however shipping back to you is free!

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