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Boutique Guitar Effects: "Scary Pedals"

Scary Pedals Here you'll find quality handmade boutique guitar effects, Telecaster wired control plates, gear tips, tone advice, accessories, & more! Great handmade guitar pedals do not have to cost you a weekly paycheck! Just because some pedals have the word "boutique" attached to them, gives no company the right to charge you outrageous prices... in our opinion. Buy a quality pedal at a human price!

All of our true bypass pedals are handmade, built with care and extensively tested for reliability and great tone! The pedal enclosures are professionally powder coated in a variety of colors creating a hard finish that is much tougher than conventional paint. Powder coating is the industry standard!

Also available are custom hand wired telecaster wiring harnesses, specifically for Fender Telecaster type control plates built with quality parts and Russian paper in oil capacitors. We also offer pro-mixing and mastering services to boot!

Effects are a must-have item in the assenal for most serious guitar players! Ranging from boost, overdrive, distortion, delay, flanger, chorus, etc. Boost and overdrive are used to increase volume for leads as well as tone shaping crunch overdriving your amp into tone nirvana!

Chorus and flangers make guitars lush and wide sounding. A chorus pedal can also mimic the sound of a 12 string instrument. Delay effects also widen the sound and thicken up lead tones to no end! Tremolo or rotary simulators also provide a lush and unique soundscape for your tone.

When setting up your chain, it is almost always best to put an EQ first if you use one, boost, overdrive, or distortion second, a chorus, flanger etc. third , then reverb, echo, delay fourth. Of course this is always subject to your own personal taste. My own chain normally consist of boost and overdrive pedals first, then chorus, tremolo, second , and third delay.

A minimum of a clean boost and an overdrive is always in my pedal setup and should be in yours as well! What ever you choose, you can be assured that our products are well made and sound great! So get your brown sound on and enjoy your guitar playing more with a quality pedal under foot!

Many people ask what is a boutique guitar pedal? For the most part they are usually made by smaller companies or individuals and in smaller numbers. Also higher quality parts are normally used. In addition many are updated modifications of some of the more well known stompboxes out there!

We take pride in offering quality customer service and fast shipping! Click a link, check out the video demos, and explore what we offer! - Dave

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