Recording Guitar Amps With Ribbon Mic.

Recording Guitar Amps With Ribbon Mic.

Miking your amp with a ribbon mic is always the best way to go!  No coloration of your tone, and easy to EQ when needed.  Even a cheap ribbon mic will give very good results, especially in combination with a condenser mic.

A good position for your ribbon mic on guitar cab is as shown: About 4 – 8″ from center of speaker, and tilted 30 -45 degrees to keep mic safe from sound pressure. The figure 8 mic should be tilted up, or down for different room sounds. Miking the center of the cone will give brighter tones. As you move away from the cone the sound will warm up. (darken) Try aiming at different spots until you have what you’re looking for. A wind-screen can be also used for super loud amps!

Side view of ribbon microphone in front of guitar cabinet.  Run
the mic into a good pre-amp and compressor before the recorder.

In addition to the ribbon, a condenser mic is also good to use right next to the ribbon mike, for blending.
I also like to add a good large diaphragm mic to use as room mic, set about 5-12 feet away from the amp.  Try different locations to capture best sound then blend them all.

Microphone can be tilted up or down, try both ways for different sounds.

Recording Drums With Ribbon Mic.

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