Wall of Sound (or) The Head Banger Factor:

Wall of Sound (or) The Head Banger Factor:

I was thinking a few nights ago how in the distant past I used distortion on all guitars,  hard rock and metal music of course!  One day listening to Jimmy Hendrix,
AC/DC, even some Van Halen… my playing changed.  Listening to these guys I suddenly (duh!) realize that they are not super distorted, if distorted at all.  Yet the
sound is thick and powerful, yet with both clarity and power!

After many hours of tinkering with settings on the amps, low tunings, etc… my pea brain figured it out.  That sentence pretty much sums it up, with a good amp and speakers, low tuned guitars, doubling the guitar tracks up,  and hopefully good playing… this was my answer… a good crunch, and perhaps ever so often a very “light touch” of distortion was all I ever needed to get the sound I wanted.  My tracks suddenly had clarity, and power!  Try it, you’ll like it!

– Dave Williams


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