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Low Tuning For Guitar and Bass:

Low Tuning For Guitar and Bass:

I play everything in low tunings, mainly Low C or D, and constantly hear many people refer to this as “Drop Tuning”. Incorrect! Let’s take Low D as example:
D G C F A D. ALL strings are detuned one step down, it is still standard tuning however. With Drop-D on the other hand, you just tune your big E (6th) down to D, leaving all other strings standard. Not sure why so many are confused by this, but they are.

Low C. C F Bb Eb G C

Low D. D G C F A D

It’s a stupid thing to argue about, but I’ve had tech’s of 40 years experience try to tell me it’s all drop tuning. It’s not.

Now that this is settled, on to reasons to Low-Tune:

1. Great for beginners, as their fingers are not as strong and conditioned. Strings are much easier to bend, especially if the player wants 10’s, 11’s, etc, for a thicker tone.

2. Speaking of thick tone… low tuning does just that for you up to a point… gives the player a nice thick tone! However in my opinion, anything below low C no longer sounds “Musical”. 5 string bass is fine with the low b string, guitar on the other hand just sounds dull and clunky past Low C, again – my opinion.

– Dave Williams


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